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Personalization helps create a frictionless ecommerce site experience that connects shoppers to more products they love and helps strengthen the retailer-consumer relationship in the long run. But sometimes well-intentioned strategies can have unintended consequences. In some cases, product data is misaligned, resulting in hidden inventory and a missed opportunity to generate an additional sale. In other cases, customers are segmented in large, ineffective cohorts that don’t focus on each individual’s needs and wants. This ultimately results in a poor user experience for the online customer.

You might think you’re using personalization on your ecommerce site, but is it personalization if it’s not relevant for each site visitor?

Join GroupBy and guest Forrester to discuss the latest ecommerce personalization research and market trends driven by today’s tech-savvy consumers across industries and regions, and start to understand what it means to leverage data to create optimal site experiences:

  • The ubiquity of personalization and what separates good from bad
  • Individualization vs. personalization
  • Using data-led individualized experiences to create customer loyalty through better relevance
  • What it means for ecommerce retailers to be truly data-led

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  • Roland Gossage, CEO GroupBy, Inc.
  • Brendan Witcher, VP, Principal Analyst, Ebusiness & Channel Strategy, Forrester 

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